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The Hotel Sevilla Macarena, located in front of the basilica of the Macarena, overlooks the old wall of Seville. Offers a rooftop swimming pool with panoramic views of the city and air-conditioned rooms, satellite flat screen TV, minibar and safe.

This hotel is located around a typical Sevillian-style courtyard that houses a restaurant and cafeteria. The hotel also has a sports bar equipped with a TV with international sports channels and serves a daily international buffet breakfast made with a variety of top-quality products. In addition, it provides sushi delivery service in the rooms.

The hotel has a 24-hour reception desk and a tourist information desk, which provides information about the surroundings and where tickets are reserved for guided tours, live shows or golf matches. There is also a free shuttle service to the Seville fair.

The Hotel Sevilla Macarena is 500 meters away from the Guadalquivir River. The Isla Mágica theme park is on the other side of the river and Seville Cathedral is a 20 minute walk away. There is a taxi rank and several bus stops in front of the establishment. Seville airport is 17 minutes away by car.

Macarena is a great choice for travelers interested in walking around the city, ancient sites and visiting the historic centre.

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